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Re-union Gathering

posted Oct 2, 2012, 2:44 PM by Jatin Shah   [ updated Oct 5, 2012, 8:07 AM ]

May 26 & 27 (memorial weekend) 2012                       

Jai Jinendra!!!

We are pleased to issue this newsletter as a means of informing you about the important occurrences in our organization. We started the summer of 2012 with a kickoff event; The Re-union. Two days (26th and 27th May 2012) of complete fun and enjoyment. 

The amusement started with a refreshing sunny day at a beautiful and holy campus of Siddhachalm. Some people showed up at Friday night while some joined on Saturday morning. The first alumni interaction happened during the breakfast time of the morning of day 1, which apparently did became a brunch session for some of the volunteers because of the overwhelmed response from alumni. We had a Snatra Puja between 10.00am and noon (performed by Vardhmaan Bhakti Bhavana Group: Mukeshbhai and Shobhanaben Somani of NJ) followed by delicious lunch. Lunch timings were more like a get-to-gather session and everyone of participant was enjoying meeting their old friends/buddies. Afternoon program started at 2.30pm with an introduction of all attendees and their families and followed by a general body meeting. immediately after general body meeting we had a very nice presentation by our key note speaker 'Yogesh Kamdar' about the long term investment and donation plannings. We had a nice tea/coffee break with delicious Fafda-Kachori-Jalebi at 4.30pm and then after The excellent dance performance by young kids from Creative Dance Academy of NJ was followed by a recognition ceremony. All the dignitaries talked about the event and their contribution towards IAAMJV. During the introduction session where all the participants shared their years at MJV and fun stories they had. Some of them found their childhood friends. The performance session was called to an end after a brilliant show by a group of singers (Hidden Gems) who does singing for fund raising towards a noble cause. Towards the end of the Day-1 in the evening we had dinner (ladoo-puri and shaak) at 7.30pm and immediately after the dinner we had Aarti and Divo in the temple.

The real work up day was Sunday (27th May). Everyone had to be on bus by 9.30 am and to do so everyone had to wake up by NLT 7.30am. The bus departed from Siddchachalm to the first stop at New Hyde Park temple (Jain center of New York, LI, New York). Sangh pujan was performed by the members of this temple. The hospitality was excellent. After samuhik chaitya-vandan, sangh took the labh of bhatha which was as good as lunch. The second stop for this odyssey was at Ithica Jain Derasar (Jain Center of America, New York) in Queens-NY. Sangh pujan was performed by the members of this temple. Kalpanaben president of JCA gave all the participants a quick tour of the temple. Aamras-roti menu for lunch won the hearts of all the labharthi’s. We are very much thankful to Kalpanaben and their committee of JCA and Sumatibhai, Nareshbhai and their committee of JCN for their hospitality and

warm welcome to iaamjv reunion participants.

The most exciting part of the trip was yet to come. We all headed toward a NY City cruise trip. A three hour sightseeing of city of NY engrossed a life time memory on our brains. The second to last stop for this trip was at Swami Narayan temple in Secaucus. This was the time when everyone exchanged last few thoughts while enjoying fantastic Jain food served by the temple caterers. The mesmerizing trip was ended at Siddhachalam from where everyone went back to their routine lives.

It had been my honor and pleasure to serve as lead member of the Re-union committee and I thank you all for joining us during the event of Re-union gathering. Since I was undertaking this challenging responsibility of heading the Re-union committee, it was quite challenging to plan out the whole event full of fun and action and which could become a lifetime memory for all who participate in these two days gathering. However I am privileged to lead a dedicated re-union committee whose members I want to thank for their perseverance and hard work. The Board, Executive committee, many of the alumni members and some volunteers worked very hard and seamlessly to ensure the grand success of our re-union gathering. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the entire Re-union Committee and the Executive Board members who have selflessly and tirelessly contributed their valuable time. My special thanks to Vasant Shah and Mayur Gandhi who went an extra mile in ensuring that every detail of the Re-union preparation is done right. I am very much thankful to Rameshbhai Fofaria president and Anopbhai Vora, founder president for their valuable guidance and support throughout the preparation of Reunion event. I would take an opportunity and thank to Keyur Gandhi, Dhaval Jain, Akash Jhaveri, Shyamal Shah, Anmol Shah and Divyesh Shah, without their significant efforts for last six months of preparation we would not have been in a position in making this event so successful. I would like to thank Suchita Shah and Khyati Jain and others who helped and administered the registration desk very well. Very special thanks to Meenaben (wife of our EC member Vasant Shah) for preparing snacks packages for all of us. I would like to thank Creative Dance Academy for their heartfelt performances and not charging for it. Thanks a ton to Hidden Gems for making first day evening a lifetime memory. I would also like to thank 'Jaipatji Jain and Siddhachalam Management for their hospitality and providing us a very comfortable stay and food. We thank all the volunteers for their hard work and good humor throughout. Last but not the least I want to thank all the sponsors and supporter of the event.

Warm Regards,                                                                                                                                                              

Ketan Shah, vice president-iaamjv                                                                                                                             Lead, Re-Union 2012

Annual general body meeting

posted Sep 24, 2012, 8:36 PM by Jatin Shah

Annual general body meeting will be held during Jaina 20123 in Detroit MI in July 4th - July 6th. Exact dates & time will be announced soon.

IAAMJV Re-Union Gathering (May 26 & 27, 2012)

posted Mar 20, 2012, 12:17 PM by Jatin Shah   [ updated Sep 24, 2012, 8:38 PM ]

It has been since six years when we met each other in Chicago and eight years in North East.  It is quite a long!  Don’t you feel that you miss your friends / buddies!


What do you feel if you do not meet your friends and colleagues for long time even though you are in America in the same land?  These are your friends with you shared your joys and sorrows when you were students in Mumbai, Pune, Vadodara, V. V. Nagar, Amadavad, Bhavnagar or Udiapur, etc.  We are sure that you are anxious to renew this friendship.  This time we are excited to meet new members also (MJV & Non-MJV members).

Re-union Gathering

Date: 05/26/12 (Saturday) and 05/27/12 (Sunday)


Siddhachalam Jain Tirth

65 Mud Pond Road, Blairstown, NJ 07825

Phone:  908 362 9793 and 908 362 5487

Registration Form (click here)

Tentative Program:      SAT (05/26/12) 8.30am - 10.00am:         Welcome, Registration & Break Fast

                                    SAT (05/26/12) 10.00am - 12.00noon:    Snatra Pooja

                                    SAT (05/26/12) 12.30 noon - 2.00pm:     Lunch

                                    SAT (05/26/12) 2.30pm -          Re-union Gathering and Key Note Speeches

                                    SAT (05/26/12) 3.30am - 4.00pm:           Tea/Coffee Break

                        SAT (05/26/12) 4.00am - 6.00pm:           Light Entertainment

                                    SAT (05/26/12) 6.00pm - 7.00pm:           Dinner

                                    SUN (05/27/12) 8.00am - 9.00am:          Break Fast

                                    SUN (05/27/12) 9.00am :11.00am           visit to Franklin Twp., NJ Derasar site

                                    SUN (05/27/12) 11.00am - 12.00am:       visit to Jain Center of America, NY Derasar

                                    SUN (05/27/12) 12.00am - 1.00pm:         Lunch at Jain Center of America, NY Derasar

                                    SUN (05/27/12) 1.00pm - 6.00pm:          Site Seeing NY City and Cruise in NY City

                                    SUN (05/27/12) 6.30pm - 7.30pm           Dinner (NYC/NJ)

                                    SUN (05/27/12) 9:30       Adjourn at Siddhachalam

Please remember that if we miss this opportunity, many of us may not have this chance again.

Hence, without losing time, please get yourself and your family registered to attend the reunion.  Necessary registration form is attached in this news letter. 

Please return your completed registration form as soon as possible to help us in planning and to make this event a great lovely and memorable.  We need your cooperation to make the gathering a Grand Success.

Contacts:       Ketan Shah (973 390 3674,

                        Keyur Gandhi (419 787 5398,

                        Divyesh Shah (732 688 2150,

                        Vasant Shah (732-636-4679,

SAMANVAY-2012: SMJV Alumni Federation International Convention at Baroda. Cordial Invitation

posted Oct 22, 2011, 1:14 PM by Jatin Shah   [ updated Oct 24, 2011, 8:41 AM ]

Dear SMJV Alumni,


The vision, passion, intellectual brain storming and collective efforts of all the SMJV Alumni has strengthened the alma mater and fuelled it with

fresh perspective and new initiatives. The biennial conference of the SMJVAA Federation has been the key factor in bringing us all together on

a common platform.


SMJV Alumni Association of Vadodara (Baroda) is immensely pleased to have the proud previlege of hosting SAMANVAY-2012,the 6th International

Alumni convention at Vadodara on 31st December 2011 and 1st January, 2012. We are sure this vibrant event will further Integrate the efforts of

the Alumni with the vision, projects and initiatives of SMJV.


We heartily welcome the members of all 15 alumni associations and 'one and all' alumni of SMJV spread across the world to this big event. We are

sure you would be eager to meet and share time with your Comrades.


During the convention, we will think and discuss a lot on our theme subject of "Stronger Integration with the Alma mater", but to add, we have

already arranged for B2B Meet,  B2B Directory, Motivational and Informative Key Note speech, Entertainment Programmes, Delicious Food, Visit to

our MBA Institute, Beauty tips and Jain Recipies for your spouse...all in an open natural environment.

Keep in touch with for details and updates.


So friends,note these dates in your diary and do plan your august presence. Together we can make a DIFFERENCE.


For Communication and Registration,please call Mr. Pritesh Shah (+91 982 502 4365),or email at or visit


P.S.: SMJV's CKSVIM, the MBA Institute at Vadodara is among the top 10 ranking institutes in Gujarat visit ,share the

proud progress and realize the strength of Integrated efforts.Forget not,it is the dream project conceived at the First International convention at Mumbai...


Eager to welcome you...

On Benahlf of the SMJVAF international Convention -2012,

The Chairman, Convener, Co-convener and the entire "Team Vadodara".

IAAMJV Reunion Meeting

posted Oct 24, 2010, 6:51 PM by Ramesh Fofaria   [ updated Apr 25, 2011, 7:47 AM ]

Do you know that we have not met each other since last 5 years ? We would like to see everyone's interest in reunion meeting.Probable vanue is Siddhachalam, New Jersey. The probable date for our REUNION meeting can be Memorial Day weekend May 2012. Please let us know your ideas, thoughts,suggestions, venue change to enjoy this fun event.

posted Oct 24, 2010, 6:32 PM by Ramesh Fofaria   [ updated Jan 30, 2011, 9:15 PM ]


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